The Kane Management Group (KMG) is a full service property management firm, providing a comprehensive array of property services. KMG currently oversees more than 3 million square feet of real estate throughout the Seacoast area to a diverse portfolio of commercial, industrial, retail, manufacturing, and warehouse properties.

Its property management service offerings include:

Through its service delivery, KMG has achieved an enviable record of client satisfaction, demonstrating its ability to (1) effectively balance and meet owner/landlord objectives and tenant needs, (2) maximize short-term yields and promote long-term capital growth, (3) transform underperforming assets into financially strong and competitively vibrant properties, and (4) achieve tenant retention levels above 90%, ensuring an uninterrupted lease revenue stream and working capital resources to meet reserve and fit-up requirements.

In summary, KMG provides quality and highly effective property management services, bringing to each property the necessary expertise, experience, personnel, specialty resources, and processes, backed up by strong knowledge and understanding of local real estate market conditions.